Rivista bimestrale di cultura e costume Registrazione presso il Tribunale di Roma nr. 170/2012 dell'11/06/2012

The english corner

Uno spazio “anglosassone” per uscire un po’ dai nostri confini



The shy muse interprets the waves motion

And formulates tons of hypothesis

And even when the old Hesiod tempted to harass her

She is never tired of playing

if gracefulness is with her

(©BF, Stibbert inner museum)


Hidden in a meadow

Caressed by the spring breeze

The hassocks sound

and narrate my awakening

(©BF, Green state of mind)


May the stars caress your dreams,

Dance with you in a clumsy way,

Whispering riddles,

May your catlike essence

Let you walk for a new road,

Cast a glance to the here and now

May your laughter warm desires

And embellishes the impalpable plot

That composes the chapters of your journey.

(©BF, Terpsychore, the dancing Muse)